Is ClickSure a Legitimate Company?

Using any kind of online service can be scary, we know! But we want you to have peace of mind when you buy any ClickSure product or use any of our services.

ClickSure Cares About the Customer

ClickSure is a legitimate business with customer service and satisfaction in mind so it’s important to us that if you have any doubts, concerns or problems that you contact us so that we can address them as soon as possible. Alternatively, we have various pages available that have been set up to provide you with all the information and customer reviews you could need. This way you can be sure about the type of company we are before you commit to anything!

ClickSure Offers an Unrivalled Online Refund Policy

We are so sure of the service that we provide, we came up with one of the most comprehensive customer guarantees that can be found on the web. Our ‘ClickSure Consumer Promise’ ensures that if, for any reason you are unhappy with a ClickSure purchase, you can be issued a refund within 60 days. This guarantee is with no exception, applies to all ClickSure Sellers and is in place to protect you. This is just another part of what we are doing here at ClickSure to ensure that we are known as a well-respected and legitimate company.

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